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He's a creative genius with that thing you call a camera. A true artist who is dedicated to his craft. I needed new headshots and he understood what I was looking for and delivered! Thanks Ken!  ESMOND K.


Amazing Photographer! Stick with winners! A star once gave me this piece of advice and it has become my mantra. I have had head shots taken before which were excellent, but since I graduated from acting academy I wanted stellar head shots that would open doors, place me ahead of the competition, and best capture who I am and what I can express. Ken facilitated my goal. I found Ken online by Goggling winners such as Kate Winslet and Helen Mirren (amongst my favorite actresses). I was very excited to find a photographer who had not only worked with both, but is both local and reasonably priced. I have had researched quite a few other major Hollywood head shot photographers but they were not what I was looking for; To me their photos looked all the same, ie placing the subject second to the photographers taste and style/brand first. I also wanted to avoid actors turned photographers; I wanted a professional who is 100% successful, experienced and focused exclusively in his/her work. His bio and body of work is impressive. Furthermore Ken is an award winning photographer whose subjects are varied-not actors alone but people from many walks of life, vocations, and ages. He is an artist as much as an artisan, and that really appealed to me. Our session was a fantastic experience. I was impressed with his professionalism, focus, thorough discussion of goals, and efficiency. He also supplied a great make-up artist. We shot six different looks with completely different wardrobe and make-up and one without make-up. I wanted head shots for Classical Theater, Film and TV, from a homeless drug addict to a wholesome sweet loving mom, to a Lady Macbeth, and I got it all with his help. Ken understands human character and his own medium. I plan to shoot with him again, and I have not shot with anyone else since. His work has got me many auditions and I have booked many of them. I highly recommend him to anyone serious about their career. SOPHIA S.



Ken is the best at what he does. He listens to you, asks what you want, and also throws in suggestions for your shots. It's really a collaborative effort, and a great combination of both Ken's and my own art forms put together! I can't wait to use him for his fashion shots, as they are spectacular as well! I'm very happy with my shots! WHITNEY H.



Phenomenal Experience! You get my highest recommendation. From start to finish you were professional, helpful, confident and open. I am already getting auditions from my new shots. Thank you for making my session such a positive and rewarding experience. It was such a pleasure working with you. It is a credit to your talent how difficult it has been to narrow down selections. Your beautiful and skillful photography is really hitting big.. I have been recommending you - and people love the shots. It feels so wonderful to have a headshot I love to share. GENEVIEVE A.


You are amazing! I just wanted to email you and let you know how great I thought the pictures turned out. I can be very self critical...however my husband and I both were able to find at least 15 shots we loved. I will narrow that down to probably 2 for the head shot purpose and for you to retouch.....THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH!!!! You are a fantastic artist and the creativity shines through in your work. Take care and I will be in touch....Eileen EILEEN B.



Hi Ken, Hope you got home safe and sound. Oh my God, there are soooo many fabulous ones, I have no idea how Iím going to choose. Theyíre amazing! I just keep laughing each time I open another one because 90% of them are just so great. I read your instructions, so Iíll keep looking through and narrowing them down. But when and if you have time, can you give me your input choices? It was really a pleasure working with you. It really was a lot of fun. My very best, Pamela PAMELA O.


Female actress

Yes!! I had an awesome timeÖand Iím very happy with my new headshots! Theyíre fabulous. You are truly awesome! Thank you Ken!  JULIANA S.



Ken, I literally can't believe how good I look in these photos, and the number, which I'd consider usable. Thank you. I'll definitely keep in touch. It may be worth considering shopping round a portfolio after all. CHRIS S.



Hi Ken, Got the pictures yesterday. They look amazing! I'm very happy that one of my pictures made it on the website! I love my photos so much. MARY F.



Ken and I worked together for my fitness-modeling portfolio. The shots came out great and he was prompt in getting me CD copy. Thank you Ken! Great work and looking forward to the next shoot. ETHAN S.


Ken has great talent for capturing movement, as well as still moments with full intensity! I love his enthusiasm and the inspiration he offers during the sessions! VICTORIA V.



My agent finally chose two pictures, and asked me to call her to discuss them. I'm guessing she just wants them retouched. I'll try and call her this afternoon. By the way, you did a beautiful job on the two pictures of me you put up on your website! I want you to know I'm honored to be there. Indra. INDRA Z.




Ken was both personable and professional. Iím very thankful that he was able to relieve the anxiety that is often associated with a new experience. As a result the photos turned out to be even more beautiful than I had imagined. It was a great experience and a very memorable day. Ken will definitely be the photographer of our choice in the future. TRUDY W.



Hi, Ken, thank you so much for update! I enjoyed your personality at the shoot. KAYAKO T.



We've been enjoying the pics. Your photos did a great job capturing quita's energy. We are very happy clients. thx again. TAQUITA T.



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